In this troubled world, we can have peace. The God-kind of peace is a reality; it is not something that religious people concoct to make us feel good. In this troubled world, you can have peace. The word peace means shalom, or to be intact. The God-kind of peace is real, available, and attainable. Even though this peace is available, you cannot pick it up in the street. This is the key to knowledge. Some say knowledge or education is a better safeguard for liberty than a standing army. The Bible says the labor of the foolish wearies them because they don’t know how. If you don’t know there’s a secret behind having peace, you will say it’s not possible. Knowledge is a better safeguard than a standing army. You can have a standing army, navy, or air force and still have peace. It takes an understanding of the truth to know how to connect with the kind of peace that we are talking about. Knowledge makes it easy to lead the people. It makes it difficult to drive them. You know there’s a difference between driving people and leading them. Leading the people means to motivate them, but driving them is to manipulate them, and God doesn’t do that. Knowledge makes it easy to govern the people, but it makes it impossible to enslave them. So the demon of tribulation and unrest can only have access to people’s lives when they don’t know how to connect to God’s kind of peace. The Bible says that Jesus was sleeping in the boat when there was a storm. The disciples couldn’t sleep, and they ran to the master and said, Master, why don’t you care that we perish? Jesus said what was happening, and he looked at them and said, Where is thy faith? That storm or unrest planned to sink their destiny. The Bible says that there arose a storm against them, and Jesus arose and rebuked the storm. Unrest is real; challenges are real; but more real is our victory in Christ. So when you notice unrest in your life, you don’t go to a corner and start weeping, but you rebuke Just like Jesus arose and rebuked the storm. The progress of the people can be smooth with the knowledge of the truth. The Bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is on thee because he trusts in thee.

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