The Divine Splendor: An Exploration of God’s Magnificence (Part C) By Pst Femi Leke

The biblical passage referenced is 1 Samuel 2:26.


According to verse 26, the young individual named Samuel experienced growth and gained favor in the eyes of both the LORD and other individuals.


Despite Samuel being chosen to bear the divine splendor, its manifestation did not occur automatically. He underwent a preparatory process. He experienced growth prior to the revelation of greatness. The disparity between Samuel and the offspring of Eli was evident. The offspring of Eli did not receive proper education. The mishandling of the splendour became evident during its transportation.

The attainment of grandeur is contingent upon adequate preparation. According to biblical scripture, the growth of Samuel include the development of his spirit, soul, and physical body. The individual in question exhibited discipline and possessed a commendable character, as character serves as the vessel for charisma. It is worth noting that charisma, in the absence of character, is prone to failure. If an individual asserts that their attractiveness as a male or female leads to others pursuing them, yet they lack moral integrity, it is untenable for them to remain in that position.

The establishment of a professional network through familial ties may facilitate employment opportunities, but, it is ultimately one’s personal qualities and attributes that will determine long-term success in a given position.

Failure to exhibit desirable character traits may result in termination from said employment. Employers are generally disinclined to hire individuals who pose a potential liability. Samuel’s life was characterized by the manifestation of both the fruit of the spirit and the gift of the spirit. In the absence of sound character or the manifestation of the fruit of the spirit, it is unlikely that God will bestow a gift upon an individual, as it may have detrimental consequences for their well-being. The sole means by which one can uphold and maintain the honor and prestige associated with glory, without engaging in its misuse, is via adequate and thorough preparation.


Luke 1:59


On the eighth day, the infant underwent circumcision and was given the name Zacharias, in accordance with his father’s name.


In order to adequately prepare for the manifestation of divine splendor, it is imperative to recalibrate our perception of worth and actively engage in deliberate measures to cultivate the necessary conditions. It is crucial to acknowledge that the acquisition of this power is not contingent upon mere desires, but rather necessitates a purposeful and conscious effort to ready oneself for the forthcoming glory.

On numerous occasions, individuals tend to neglect their spiritual beliefs and lose sight of their connection with a higher power once they reach a stage of personal growth and development. Solomon, renowned for his wisdom, had a significant decline in intellectual acuity at the departure of his splendor. In Psalm 127, the author raises the question of how a man who was involved in the construction of the temple can assert that unless a man undertakes the task of building a house, the laborer’s efforts are rendered futile. He has the knowledge that the mansion was constructed by the divine being. He commenced entering into matrimonial unions with unfamiliar women and constructing dwellings for the veneration of their deities. How can an individual who has encountered the divine presence of God to such an extent that God’s manifestation was so overwhelming that they were unable to do their religious duties due to its intensity, then engage in the construction of structures dedicated to the worship of false deities? This statement can be interpreted as an indication that the state of grandeur has ceased to exist. What is the value of God in your perspective?


Luke 1:59,80


On the eighth day, the infant underwent circumcision and was given the name Zacharias, in accordance with his father’s name.


The kid experienced growth and developed a strong spiritual disposition, residing in desert areas until the time of his manifestation to the people of Israel.


What activities was he engaged in while situated within the arid environment? In order to adequately prepare for the task at hand, it is necessary to engage in appropriate measures and activities. The act of preparing is always necessary before the act of manifesting; else, one may misuse it. John the Baptist exhibited a gradual process of growth, refraining from hastiness and instead patiently awaiting the opportune moment of revelation.


Luke 2:22


Upon the completion of the prescribed period of purification as stipulated by the Mosaic law, the individuals in question proceeded to bring the child to Jerusalem with the purpose of presenting him before the Lord.


The individual known as Jesus had physical growth over time. Jesus, who possessed an abundance of spiritual essence, experienced personal development. The initial narrative of Jesus’ mission was omitted, necessitating a period of growth and development prior to assuming his designated role. The capacity to fulfill one’s obligations. The possession of requisite skills and competencies is essential for effectively fulfilling one’s obligations, as failure to do so may result in becoming a burden or hindrance. One must possess the requisite ability, as it is unlikely that God would bestow duty without ensuring the necessary capacity. Consequently, it is advisable to exercise patience until such talent is acquired.


Luke 2:39


After fulfilling all the necessary obligations in accordance with the religious customs prescribed by the Lord, they proceeded to return to their city, Nazareth, located in the region of Galilee.


Following an eight-day dedication ceremony, they resumed their regular activities. Afterwards, they resumed their regular routines, during which God made preparations. Jesus did not engage in impulsive behavior towards the manager; rather, he followed the established procedure. Are you prepared for the forthcoming procedure? The absence of mountains is a metaphorical representation of the pervasive nature of ignorance, which serves as a personal obstacle for individuals.


Luke 4:1


In the biblical account, it is stated that Jesus, who was believed to be filled with the Holy Ghost, departed from the Jordan River and was guided by the Spirit into a desolate area.


Following his baptism, he was subsequently guided into the desert due to his lack of preparedness. According to biblical scripture, individuals who demonstrate patience and reliance on the Lord will experience a rejuvenation of their physical and mental vigor. Patience is required in this situation. The renewal of one’s strength is contingent upon waiting.


Luke 4:6-18


In the biblical narrative, the devil offered Jesus a proposition, stating that he possessed the authority and splendor of worldly dominion, which had been entrusted to him. Furthermore, the devil claimed the ability to bestow this power upon anybody he chose.


If you desire to worship me, all shall be yours. [7]


In response, Jesus said, commanding the individual to retreat, as it is written that one should worship and serve only the Lord your God.


In the biblical account, the individual in question was led to Jerusalem and positioned on a prominent point of the temple. Subsequently, a statement was made to him, challenging his divine identity and suggesting that he should demonstrate it by throwing himself down from that location.


According to the written text, it states that angels will be given the responsibility to watch over and protect an individual.


According to the passage in question [11], someone will hold you up with their hands to prevent any potential injury resulting from accidentally striking your foot against a stone.


In response, Jesus articulated that it has been stated that one should not engage in the act of testing the Lord, who is their God.


After the conclusion of all the temptations, the devil departed from him temporarily. [13]


In the fourteenth verse of the biblical text, it is stated that Jesus, having been filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, made his way back to the region of Galilee. As a result, news of his presence began to spread throughout the surrounding areas.


The individual in question conducted instructional sessions within the synagogues, receiving much admiration and praise.


[16] The individual in question arrived to Nazareth, his place of upbringing, and, in accordance with his habitual practice, proceeded to enter the synagogue on the day of Sabbath, assuming a standing position in order to engage in the act of reading.


In the seventeenth verse, it is mentioned that a book, specifically the book of the prophet Esaias, was presented to him. Upon opening the book, he discovered the specific location where the written content was situated.


The individual in question asserts that they have been imbued with the divine presence of the Lord, as evidenced by their anointment to disseminate the teachings of the gospel to individuals of low socioeconomic status. Furthermore, they claim to have been commissioned by the Lord to provide solace and healing to those who are emotionally distressed, to proclaim freedom to those who are imprisoned, to restore vision to the visually impaired, and to emancipate those who have been physically or emotionally harmed.


Have you conducted a thorough search for relevant literature pertaining to yourself and your child? What scriptural text do you identify with as an individual? Hannah possessed knowledge of the written nature of the text. The period of waiting provides an opportunity for rediscovery.

Whenever one exercises patience in seeking divine guidance, one is effectively replenishing their spiritual resources. It is advisable to avoid being swayed by the cacophony of human interactions, and instead, create a physical and mental distance from such disturbances in order to replenish one’s spiritual reserves through communion with the divine.

The apostle underwent a similar procedure. At one point, he summoned them, and at another point, they complied. What was the reason for their pursuit? To facilitate their development. In the fourteenth chapter of the Gospel of John, the speaker asserts that his father assumes the role of the husbandman. The husbandman engages in the practice of pruning.

A distinction can be observed between a garden and a bush, which lies in the practice of grooming. There exist numerous destinations that lack appeal due to their lack of maintenance and grooming. In order to possess an appealing appearance, it is necessary to be in the divine presence and undergo a process of refinement, which will subsequently result in the manifestation of glory.

Numerous countries lack proper development and grooming. The valuation of raw metals is contingent upon their processing. When Isaac directed his gaze towards the offspring and bestowed his blessing upon them, he uttered to Esau, “The hand of your sibling shall rest upon your neck.” Why? Until the moment of revelation One must ascertain their vocation or calling. There exists a generation attributed to Jacob, as well as a generation attributed to Esau. The Esau generation refers to individuals who engage in the sale of unprocessed goods without engaging in the process of refinement. Individuals who engage in the process of refining are able to generate higher levels of income.

The process of preparation consistently precedes the act of manifestation. The manifestation of divine splendor was not bestowed upon the apostles until they had undergone adequate preparation. They were in the company of Christ for a duration of thirty-three and a half years. Upon his resurrection, he implored them to exercise patience until they had been imbued with the Holy Spirit. They engaged in the act of ministering through verbal communication and supplication. Pursue the objective. There is invariably a cost associated with any action or decision.


The biblical passage referenced is Isaiah 55:1.


In this passage, the author invites individuals who are in need of refreshment to partake in the abundance of water, regardless of their financial means. The author then encourages them to acquire and consume wine and milk, emphasizing that these commodities are available free of charge.


Do you experience a sensation of thirst? Do you exhibit signs of desperation? The ability to exercise authority is contingent upon possessing a comprehensive understanding of the tasks and responsibilities at hand. Through our union with Christ Jesus, we have been metaphorically transported to the celestial domains. In the event of encountering rejection upon arrival at a certain location, it is advisable to refrain from displaying emotional distress. You are regarded as individuals of royal lineage, specifically as a prince and princess. According to biblical scripture, it is stated that individuals are encouraged to express reverence and admiration for those who possess wisdom by means of kissing their mouths. When an individual assumes the role of a solution provider, they will be discovered by others. There exists an item inside your possession that possesses a significant value to the global community.


The biblical verse referenced is Proverbs 18:1.


In the pursuit of knowledge, an individual driven by ambition and curiosity isolates themselves and actively engages with many forms of wisdom.


Do you have a need to behold the divine presence in an arid and parched terrain?




I require your assistance.


I require your assistance.


On an hourly basis, there is a requirement for me to


Grant me your blessings, O Lord, my Redeemer.


I approach you.




I am reliant upon your presence and assistance, as indicated by the repetition of the phrase “I cannot do without you” three times.


Oh, deity.


I am reliant upon your presence (3x).


Oh Lord.

The controversy around prayer.


It is now the opportune moment for me to demonstrate and exemplify your divine magnificence, my Lord.


May it be so, that the divine presence and magnificence become evident and apparent in the course of my existence. I am prepared and want your magnificence and authority.



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