Faith: Connecting Cord With The Lord’s Blessing -Pastor Femi Leke

Wondering how connecting with the Lord’s blessing can be made easy after reading this? Worry no more; you got your answer in this article. Faith is the connecting cord with the blessing of God.


What is Faith?

Faith is the answer to the question of connecting with the Lord’s blessing. It is that connecting cord; pull out the cord, and there’s no more connection. One billion Bishops cannot pray you into the blessing if you don’t have faith.


Therefore, faith is the connector, the access point to the blessing of the lord. Don’t be contented with evil manipulations. Take time to read the scripture by yourself and discover this truth. Wherever you have faith-failure, the blessing will not work there. Faith is the force that connects us with the power of God.



Galatians chapter 3 is worth studying. One of the places you’ll be surprised with the scriptures using a “curse word.” Normally, the Holy Spirit, the writer of the Bible, ensures people choose their words carefully. In fact, they were so careful in writing that when there was a mistake in any of the scripts, they had to throw it away and start all over.


And so when the Bible said, “O foolish Galatians,” why will God call people foolish? Is God using curse words? No, But why will the Holy Ghost inspire Paul to call a people foolish? He said, “O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you…?”


What does it mean to bewitch a people? You have to blindfold; work on people’s minds. When the bible says bewitch, it refers to an act of blindfolding people. That’s why there is the use of magic because magic generally promotes quick belief — to work on people’s minds, to brainwash people.


Paul was lamenting by the Holy Ghost, saying, “who has brainwashed you that you should not obey the truth. Before whose eyes Jesus Christ has been evidently set forth, crucified among you? This only would I learn of you? Did you receive their spirit by the works of the law or by hearing of the faith?”


Because the problem with these Galatians was that when they became saved, they were genuinely saved by faith, but they degenerated into works. They dumped faith when trying to replace their blessing with sorrowing, opposing Proverbs 10:22. They were trying to toil to earn what you are supposed to receive free.


It is just natural for your children to have your name as their last name. Can you imagine your son pleading with you to have your last name? Why? It is just natural to have your last name, isn’t it? So, as a child of God, it should be natural for you to enjoy the blessing of the lord without toiling. For the Galatians, that was the mistake they made. They dumped faith and started to look at how to earn it. Unfortunately, you can never earn anything from God. Sometimes, when you fast and brag about not even doing any unholy thing. It’s not true. You can’t earn it.


Therefore, Paul was lamenting, what has come over you? The devil has bewitched and brainwashed you to dump faith, and you are trying to earn it. It doesn’t work that way. He continued by saying, “this only would I learn of you, did you receive the spirit by works or by law?” Verse 11 says, “But no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident for the just shall live by faith.”


Who are the just?

You are the just!


Forget about doctrines that tell you to do things before being named a saint. You are a saint! The Bible calls every born-again child of God a saint. The word ‘just’ here is the short form for justified. Meanwhile, the scriptures explicitly say the saints or the just shall live by faith, faith as the connecting cord with the blessing of the Lord. There is a repetition in Habakkuk 2:4 that says, “but the just shall live by faith.” Also, Romans 1:17, “the just shall live by faith.” Hebrews 10:38, “the just shall live by faith.”


The bible repeated it in four places, quoting the same thing. This is to tell you how important it is. So, everyone that connected with God’s blessing is connected by faith. By faith, they couldn’t earn it; Abraham was an idolator before he was called. But God called him and gave him the gift of the blessing because he believed.


Therefore, brethren, faith as the connecting cord with the blessing demands we have that faith! Only then can we truly be connecting with the Lord’s blessings!

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