The Divine Splendor: An Exploration of God’s Magnificence (Part A) By Pst Femi Leke

The topic of discussion has centered around the concept of the Glory of God. Daniel was thrown into a den inhabited by lions, with the explicit purpose of his adversaries being that he would be devoured by said lions. Contrary to expectations, the lions refrained from consuming him.

Why? Additionally, there are the three Hebrew boys mentioned in the biblical account. According to the narrative, the king’s anger was so intense that he demanded an escalation in the intensity of the fire, resulting in an exceedingly high temperature within the furnace. The term “furnace” refers to a designated location where the process of metal melting takes place. When any organic matter is introduced into the furnace, it undergoes immediate combustion and is completely consumed.

According to biblical accounts, the individuals in question were cast into a furnace characterized by intense heat, however remarkably, the flames did not result in their consumption. The intensity of the fire was such that individuals who engaged in the act of throwing objects into it experienced fatal consequences. According to biblical accounts, it is stated that upon casting the individuals into the furnace, their lives were not claimed.

Subsequently, the king proceeded to observe the interior of the furnace and witnessed the presence of an additional individual. It is worth noting that three individuals were initially cast into the aforementioned furnace. Who is the individual occupying the fourth position in that particular context? According to the speaker, the appearance of the fourth individual bore a resemblance to that of the divine offspring. The manifestation of Jesus was observed within the flames. When Moses was summoned by God, he was shown with a peculiar sight of a bush that was ablaze yet remained unharmed by the flames. What factors contributed to the inevitability of the bush being consumed by the fire?

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