What drives us as women?

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What drives us as women?


Topic: What drives us as women?

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. Rom: 8:28.

What is its purpose? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “purpose means the reason for which something is done, created, or exists.

According to Cambridge, purpose means an intention or aim, a reason for doing something that allows something to happen.

In a nutshell, “purpose means something exists. The purpose or reason why something exists

So what drives us as women? This message is meant for both married women and single women. God has a purpose for any situation. God has a purpose for us to be single; God has a purpose for us to be married. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, there is a purpose for it.

Example: Some women get pressurized by family pressure, family situations, society, and friends around us with so many things. So as women, we need to know why we exist. We need to understand every situation at each particular moment. Why am I in this situation? Am I doing it the right way? Am I following what God asked me to do? That is one thing we need to think about. We also need to ask questions because there are moments in our lives when we ask ourselves, “Why am I in this relationship? Why am I in this environment? Am I fulfilling the purpose of why I’m in this situation? If our answers are based on material gain, we are not fulfilling God’s purpose, but if our answers are in line with what God asked us to do, when you think about it, you experience God’s peace in your heart. It doesn’t matter what people say around you; peace will come around you, and in that, you know that God is talking. In that moment of meditation, in that moment when we have a one-on-one conversation with God, we have that peace that we don’t allow anything to discourage us.