Let’s enter into God’s rest.

Let’s enter into God’s rest.

As we come to a conclusion, This is our year that says every dry bone shall rise again, but how can those dry bones rise again? It is by having a closer, deeper, and more consistent relationship with God. Let this be the first priority in your life. Praise the Lord. The devil was a liar from the beginning. From the beginning to the end, he will always be a defeated devil. Why should you give the devil an iota of trust? Nothing should ever separate you from the love of God. Let us walk through his love. When you enter into his rest, His perfect peace will abound in you. Saying we trust in God is one thing, but when we really trust in Him and lean on Him, we will definitely enter into His rest. Some companies, when they give you a promotion, want to use every drop of your blood with stressful demands. But Jesus is saying to you, I shall give you rest; enter and lean on me; enter and depend on me. Praise the Lord.

This is a special kind of rest you can receive in the middle of this difficult time. Praise the Lord. You do not need to have all the answers. Praise the Lord. My appeal today is for you to have a stronger relationship with Him. Let it not be dependent on anything. Let it not be dependent because you like your sister so, so, and so, or because you want to go there so they can see you in this way. Depend on him. Go to your workplace and do not think that is your source of livelihood. Jesus is your source of livelihood. Jesus is the source of our peace. Jesus is the source of life and the source of truth, and there is no one else. Let us lean on Him completely. A baby cannot just decide that he is not going to breastfeed today. The mother will say, You need to eat; I will provide the food. God is the same; He gave us an example. He provides for all the birds. He said, “Everything else will be added to you once you seek His kingdom. And you might be thinking that you will surrender to Christ tomorrow. Let me just encourage you on that. Our tomorrow is not guaranteed without Christ. How many years have you lived without Christ? Do you really want to spend another time without a relationship with Him?


You can resist distractions completely.

As we close today, I want us to think again about our relationship with him. I want us to think again about things that are distracting us from having a true relationship with Him. Sometimes,  it could be a TV, the game, the fun, or the work. All the anxiety of wanting to have more in life. Submit your will to the almighty God. I encourage you to trust Him completely in every area of your life.

You know  what completely means—no reservation, no alternative—just completely surrender to Him. And if you have never given your life to Christ, do not hesitate. Accept him as your Lord and Savior now. So that your life could be saved once and for all in the mighty name of Jesus. Remember that He is always on your side, and He is fighting for you as you go through the challenges of life. He loves you and has your best interests at heart all the time, and He is very close to you. Let us all stand in the mighty name of Jesus. I just want us to pray right now. Father, we thank you for the renewed relationship that we have chosen to have today. Lord, we decide to depend on you completely without any reservation, in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, you are our helper, you are our redeemer, and you are our savior. Lord, teach us to submit our will to yours. This year, Lord, help us to put you first in all that we do, in the mighty name of Jesus. Father I thank you for the victories that are taking place right now. I thank you, Lord, for the testimonies and miracles that are taking place right now. Let them manifest in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, we thank you. Help us, Lord, not to serve material stuff. Help us, Lord, not to serve our own selfish interests, but let us serve you alone and no one else. In Jesus mighty name, we have prayed. Amen.




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