Let’s be dependent on him.

Let’s be dependent on him.

This God is so good; He does not want you to worry about anything. Praise the Lord. Look at the lilies and the birds of the air; they do not cultivate, buy, or sell, but God feeds them. What about you, created in His own image? Can he not provide for you?

Let us depend and rely on God in everything. Let us put Him first and trust in Him. In my closing remark, some of us have had the privilege to look at small children, let us say, from the age of 1 year. Do you know that a child depends on his parents for everything? The child has no understanding of whether it is winter or summer, but the parent does. That child depends on the parents to meet his own needs. Are you like that with God? Are you fully depending on Him?

Are you thinking that if you were not hired for this job today, if you do not have a job tomorrow, you do not know what will happen to you? No, God has it all under His control; just trust him, depend on him, and rely on him. I asked you a simple question: In that hotel, after that attack, could the prime minister of this country save me in that moment? Could the queen of this country save me in that moment? But God came to my rescue when I was alone in that situation. Praise the Lord. So, a baby will depend on his parents, but the problem with men is that we have so many alternatives. Just to come to church, since yesterday, you have been planning what you are going to wear. What shoes are you going to put on? Alternative, alternative, those alternative, sometimes, do block us from the true will of God to prevail in our lives.

I remember that I shared this with you. I have two job offers on my table. One was saying we would invest $25,000.00 more in you to go and educate yourself, while the second was saying we would give you a higher salary. Remember, I shared this testimony with some of you that we need to learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit.

There was a time the Holy Spirit ordered me to quit my job, eight months before He gave me another job. When that voice came, I was on my way to work, and it told me, “It is time for you to quit this job, and in 8 months you shall get another job. But I said, This cannot be the Holy Spirit, no way, and I rejected it many times.

The second time, on the same spot, at the same place, on my way to work, He spoke to me again, and He said, “You have to quit your job.” Now, the conviction is growing within me, and I still said, No, this cannot be God. Because I was thinking, If I stop today, how am I going to pay the rent and how am I going to feed my children? The third time, in the same place, I heard Him again saying to me, “Today, talk to your manager; enough is enough; you have to stop.” I was confused. Remember, I say that it is okay if you do not understand, because you rely on God and depend on Him.

Then, I went to the manager and told him, Do you know what? I’m sorry, I am resigning. He said, What happened? Is it something that I have done?. What did I do wrong? I told him that he did not do anything wrong, but that I am just under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, who has directed me to quit, and in fact, just like him, I have been saying that I do not want to quit, thinking that it was not the work of the Holy Spirit. But now, today, I am convinced that I have to give you this letter. The man looked at me and said that he was not accepting my resignation but that I should go and think it over. But I came back the following day and told him, I am sorry, but please sign this thing; I am done, and he signed it.

I believed in God. Do you know that after six months have passed and I have not gotten any offers yet, doubt has started coming in? I thought that probably it was not God who spoke to me. But it took the last minute of the last day to receive God’s two offers that I told you about. Praise the Lord. Just depend on and trust in God.


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