How to Rely on God in This Troubled Time

How to Rely on God in This Troubled Time

 Dead!, but Came Back to Life

I want to share something that happened during the week. Last Tuesday, I was out for work with my work colleagues and checked in at a nice, beautiful hotel. I had a large room that was given to me.

Right in the middle of the night, I woke up in bed and said, Lord, thank you. But before I could go up and sleep, I contacted my wife, asking her to pray with me since we were not together. I later woke up again around two o’clock to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I had a terrible attack and felt completely paralyzed, lying almost lifeless on the floor. It was so severe that I could not even call out for help. Then I heard the devil say, “I got you.”

I prayed, calling on the Lord Jesus to raise me up, and immediately, like the dry bone that came alive and lived again, I saw my spirit rising, leaving the body behind and going to stay and lay on bed, and consequently, I also saw my body rising and coming to mingle with my body on bed. I was made whole.

The attack was a calculated attempt by the devil. Why did it not happen when I was at home with my wife?

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.

If you are suffering from a terrible  illness and are left helpless, feel that no one can help you. Even at those moments, Jesus is saying, I am there with you. He is saying, Hold my hand; I am here with you.

Brothers and sisters, salvation is personal. You need to have a stronger and closer relationship with God. God is saying, Depend on me. Rely on me. This year is our year; every dry bone in our lives shall rise again.

I remember my brother, Peter, seeing Jesus walking on the water. He said, Lord, can I also do it? His faith was strong because he focused on Jesus. But immediately he started looking around the circumstances, and his faith became weak. Peter could not focus on him.

If he had, he could have walked with Jesus without a storm on his feet.

At that moment of my attack, could the money in my account save me, could my workplace save me, or could anyone save me?. No, only the King of Kings, my creator, and my savior could.

…to be contd

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