Understanding the origin of sin

We’ve been examining the redeeming benefits of Jehovah Sikdeno, which translates as our God’s righteousness. When man sinned, he lost his honor. Honor was taken from him when he went against God’s will. But blessed be the Lord, who sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for the issue of sin to be resolved, allowing us to return to our maker and restoring our glory.


5:12 Revelation


[12] Declaring loudly, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessing.”


The restoration is the honor.


We have discussed the origins of sin. We use words without always comprehending what they signify. You will misbehave if you are misinformed, because decisions are made depending on your grasp of any issue.


Righteousness does not come from within; it is a gift from God given to us through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. So we should not brag about it, but rather thank God for it and accept it as a gift. According to the Bible, our righteousness is like a filthy rag. The Bible teaches that self-righteousness without faith is like a filthy garment before the Lord. Sin resulted from man’s loss of confidence or trust in God. God trusted him and said, “Be the lord over this garden on my behalf,” and he founded the planet Earth. He said, “This is the kingdom I have given you as my children: be in charge and dominate,” but there was a catch: you couldn’t eat the fruit from this particular tree. God trusted them, but they refused to trust him, and they did things against God’s will, which brought them down.


When you don’t grasp the nature of anything, you may begin to insinuate or rely on the recommendations of others, which may be sincere, but it may also be sincerely incorrect. You could be completely wrong. The fact that you are enthusiastic about something does not make it correct. Any information that is not in accordance with God’s word is not God’s will and will never generate anything positive.

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