Your Relationship with God By Pst Femi Leke

6:9 (Matthew)


[9] Therefore, pray in this manner: Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.


He began outlining the avenues of prayer after they begged him to teach them to pray. What is your method of prayer? What is it that you pray for? He advised praying in the following manner: “The first thing is to acknowledge that God is in heaven.” What exactly does it mean to be holy? It denotes purity. What exactly does it mean to be pure? Not diluted, but pure. After admitting that he is in heaven and that he is holy, you were created for his kingdom to come down. Where? Here is the planet. Heaven’s plan is to descend here on Earth. God created us to recreate heaven on Earth. He wishes for his greatness to descend to Earth. He said, “Thy kingdom come,” but of what kingdom? When you live an unclean life, you are not reflecting heaven; God is holy because heaven is holy. As a result, anything unholy is wicked, and you cannot be an advocate for Christ while living an unholy life. God created man because he desired a relationship. What kind of relationship? because he has sent us to the world and he wants us to execute his will. That we’ll be connecting with heaven, that heaven will be intact, and that you’ll be hearing from heaven and doing what he wants you to accomplish on earth. That is why we were created: anything you add to it is a forgery; everything you add to it is man’s tradition; and everything against God’s will is sin. Man has changed God’s will; God’s will is to go and duplicate his will on earth, but we are doing something different by living for something else. However, once the communication is polluted, you are unable to contact head office and must rely on your own initiative. As a result, God frowns on anything that taints relationships.

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