Supernatural supply is a reality; it is not something that we just try to cook up, but it’s a reality and when we live in the realm of the conviction, when we believe, when we know that we know, then we get the results. We have to get to the level, where we are fully convinced and we know that we know; that these things are real, because it will be a mere waste of time to just wake up and go to church or to be involved in all these religious rituals without you been convinced that it’s real and getting the results. Until you get to the level that you’re fully convinced and “you know” that these things are real until you get to that level; you have not started. So when we are talking about supernatural supply; we are talking about the ability of God to meet our needs. It is not just about just having a huge bank account; but about the fact that God is able to supply our needs as at when due.

For example: if you’re in need of peace and you don’t have peace, you can’t call that prosperity; because you can be rich and not be blessed; but you can’t be blessed and not be rich. So when we are talking about the covenant of supernatural supply; what does it really mean, in (Genesis 22:14) which is the place where Jehovah reveals himself as our provider.

And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah Jireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

Genesis 22:14

So Abraham had an encounter with God, God told him to sacrifice his only son (Isaac) and God said no, don’t do it again and he replaced the child with a lamp, and after that encounter, he named the place Jehovah the supplier or the source or our sustainer.

Supernatural supply just like any other redemptive benefits; is not something that you beg for, it is not something you have to kneel down in his presence, no, it is something you have to be convinced about; before you asked for it, he has given you and if he has given it already; how do I connect with it?.

…to be continued


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