Evidence of supernatural supply in The Scriptures By Pst Femi Leke

Evidence of supernatural supply

Supernatural supply is real !! We have started the year with the redemptive blessing; what God has purchased for us.

Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Isaiah 12:3

Wells of salvation is (plural) here, and we said that prophetically those well are seven in numbers and those seven well depict the redemptive blessing; what Jesus paid for through his death, burial and resurrection, he laid down his life; like the way God told Abraham to lay down his son and God provided a lamp to replace Issac; the same way the lamp of God (Jesus)  laid down his life and he resurrected again to give us all the benefits.

Last month, we looked at one of the benefit; which is power, and we saw another dimension of God has our Jehovah Nissi; our captain which depict the supplier of power. Today we will look at the second benefit; which is Jehovah Jireh our provider, our source. The name of God “ABBA FATHER” means: the source and sustainer of something. The bible says that with joy we will draw out water out of the well of salvation. The second well that we want to consider this month; is the well of supernatural supply of seeing God as our Jehovah Jireh. We need to understand the fact that everything in life, especially in the kingdom; is by faith, and faith is the product of the revelation of the truth or the understanding of the truth.

Last week, we said that the most dangerous weapon of the devil is not a gun nor atomic bomb but ignorance. If you want to bring down a people, just withdraw light from them;  they are gone!. Even in plant kingdom, where you don’t have light, what will happen to the plant? They will die, so light is so important; education or revelation of the truth is very important; because it’s the strongest weapon in the hand of the devil, so if we can succeed in dis-possessing him (devil) of that, then you’re free.

Education or light is a better safe guard on liberty; than a standing army” because when you set people free physically, but mentally they are caged; there is no real freedom for them ( a man that is mentally caged goes no where) that is why education or understanding of the truth is a better safe guard of liberty than a standing army. Understanding makes people  easy  to lead, understanding of the truth makes it’s difficult to drive people or manipulate them. There is a difference between leading people and driving them, education makes it easy for people to be led; but makes it difficult to drive people. To drive people means to manipulate them, to deceive them, and God doesn’t do that; he does not manipulate, he tells them directly, he doesn’t manipulate people; God is straight forward, but the world system( the Babylonian system) is been manipulated. People are not designed to be driven, they are designed to be led by instructions


The place of light is so important, you might be saying what does it have to do with supernatural supply, it as a lot; knowledge makes it difficult to drive or manipulate people, it makes it easy to govern the people; but it makes it impossible to enslave people ( when you see slavery going on in a place, it is because of ignorance). Light is very important, light is Superior forever to darkness, therefore our progress as a people can be none swifter than our progress in education. Dominion without financial liberty is fake, God’s plan for you, family, business is supernatural harvest; we are not created to beg, we are not created to be sorrowful ( nobody will give a begging church attention), we need to understand that the plans of God for us is supernatural success; because that is the only way through which his kingdom can be expanded, so you can’t expand the kingdom by just praying alone; it’s impossible!!.

Supernatural supply is real and is needed because without supernatural supply  you can’t fulfill the purpose of God; it take supernatural supply to fulfill it. You cannot fulfill God’s vision with man’s power; if that vision is from God, it will require God’s backing to fulfill it.

To be continued…

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