Go ye forth of Babylon, flee ye from the Chaldeans, with a voice of singing declare ye, tell this, utter it even to the end of the earth; say ye, The LORD hath redeemed his servant Jacob.

And they thirsted not when he led them through the deserts: he caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out.

Isaiah 48:21

What is a desert? A desert is a place of strange order of scarcity of something or a place where there is no water. The least thing you can expect to find in the desert is water; but the bible says they thirsted not, when God the Most High led them through the desert. He caused the water to flow out of the rock for them. Who caused the water? The Most High God; what manner of God we are serving? Just like Abraham; it was God that led him through that desert. If you look at the scripture before it got to the place; where it said, (he led them through the desert), he said to them, come out of Babylon. What is Babylon?

There is a book that says the richest man in Babylon; it’s talks about financial freedom and the principle. The principle there are in line with the scripture. And another book; the rich dad, poor dad. Read them until you become read; because readers are leaders, don’t just read the bible alone, read books also.

Babylon as at that time was the advanced world of that time, it depicts the world system, it depicts you getting it on your own, it depicts human strength, human ability; so God said, come out of the world system or go ye forth out of Babylon, this were the empire that were ruling as at that time. Don’t base your system on that; base your system on the word of God. So don’t run your finance, especially now; based on the world system, because the world system has even crashed; even nations that appear as if they are doing well now; they are just pretending because they don’t want to appear as if things is not working, so that they won’t loose the next election. The bible made it clear that the earth will burn like oven, so when they are talking about economic melt down; they got it from the bible, but God said don’t base your system on that; go out of Babylon and align yourself with his ways, then the verse 21 of Isaiah 48 will become a reality, that they tasted not. Brethren supernatural provision is real, for you to be able to see like Abraham; that knows that taking his boy to mount Moriah is not the end, though God told me that through this boy, I am going to build a kingdom, through him his seed shall be mighty; they shall fill up the earth, now God has asked me to go and lay that boy down, is not the end ( if you don’t lay down a seed, it can’t multiply). They fasted not when he (God) led them through the desert, in that same desert he caused the water to flow out of the rock for them, he cleave the rock also and the water gushed out, so it started from flowing to gushing. There is difference between flowing( you can start with flowing) but you’re getting to the gushing level, what is gushing level? The gushing level is the unstoppable level; but we need to come out of Babylon first.

To be continued…

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