Things That Drains Power Fast. By Femi Leke

Things That Drains Power Fast.



Immorality is dangerous. It drains power faster than anything; you can be abhor that and still have faith? No!



Can people trust you with money? Many minister’s ministry that would have succeeded helping millions of people to the kingdom, have been flushed down the drain; because they are not faithful financially.

There are three powers that rule the world:

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Power

If you mess up with any of these things; you are gone.


Rebellion is lack of respect for constituted authority and is very subtle; and it can destroy people faster than you think. The bible says; that rebellion is worst than witchcraft, so when you see yourself always rebelling against constituted authority; whether you’re at work and you can’t obey your boss; because if you’re not a good follower, you can’t be a good leader. Rebellion drains power faster than anything.


Pride is dangerous, it drains power. In ( 2sam 15:31, 17:14&23), so every time you’re trying to prove a point more than others; then pride is at work.


He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Proverb 13:20.

If you walk with wrong people; they will kill your faith, it is a power drainer; don’t walk with wrong people, because if you associate with wrong people; you will end up in the wrong place. Don’t associate with somebody who does not believe in what you believe. Wrong association can wreck destiny.

You have been empowered, but you need to stay connected; don’t let the enemy Change the picture of what you have seen, even if it does not look like it now; but know that your God is able.


My God his able

His able

I know he his able

I know my God his able

To carry me through.

He says he will carry me through, I am not moved by what I see right now; because faithful is he that told me. So that’s why he said guide your heart with all diligence; because that is the target of the enemy, he wants you to abandon that faith; by either making you to be ignorant of it or to change the truth. Like Absalom; he was destined to be the king of Israel after David, but the devil manipulate him, by allowing him to see David has too strong and won’t die and he started manipulating to chase him out of power, automatically he was supposed to rule after David departs; but he couldn’t wait, until he lost his head.

You won’t loose your head in Jesus name

You won’t loose your divine laughter in Jesus name




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