1. Stand on the foundation of indisputable love of God
  2. Believe his word.

We must understand that nothing is written except somebody writes it.

Psalm  126 vs 1:

(when  the Lord  turned  the captivity  of zion, we were  like them that dreams.)

God was telling them to be careful, watchful, he sent  Jeremiah who was tagged the weeping prophet, at that time Israel took God casual, until they ended up in captivity. And the kingdom that captured them, was so big and so strong, there was no way they could fight back.

2chronicle 20 vs 20  And  they rose early  in the morning and  went  forth  into the  wilderness  of tekoa: and as they  went forth,  jehoshaphat  stood and  said, hear o judah and  the inhabitants of Jerusalem, believe  in  the  Lord  your  God , so shall  he  be  established, believe his prophets, so shall  ye prosper.

Let us stand on the solid rock of the love of God  that  cannot fail. Why? Because according to 1corinthians 13 vs 8 charity never faileth: whether there be prophecy they shall  fail, whether there be tongues, they shall cease, whether there be knowledge it shall vanish.

The word charity here is the agape God kind of love, or love by choice. Like charity organization that gives things to people, not because people are qualified for it, but they just want to give because they love them. So the bible says, love never fails neither. So standing  on the solid rock of the love of God will give you the confidence to approach God at any time because God is not mad at you, God is not angry with you.

The Bible says in John 3v16: for God so loved the world, the world didn’t beg to be loved, but God choose to love them. So our divine laughter is not going to be based on high degrees, it is not going to be based on how much you sow(ed), but is going to be based on the ordaining love of God for you.

1john 4 vs 7-8 ( Beloved let us love one another : for love is of God ;and everyone that loveth is born of God,and knoweth God. 8- he that loveth not knoweth not God;for God is love.)

God is love. We need to understand this thing called “Unconditional love”. If the love of God is not the foundation of the relationship, then we must go back to the bases. For the bible says; love coverth all, and so the love of God must be the foundation of the relationship between you and your husband.

Nobody can resist love, the strongest heart can be melted by love.  For instance, a Muslim man whose daughter is taking time to adjust to the situation around and the man was angry. And he was even regretting bringing this young girl. I held his hand and told him not to cast her out, because, when you do that you are going to push her to people that will destroy her. And he looked at me and said thank you. His attitude changed instantly when it comes to the relationship with his daughter. Brethren, stand upon the love of God. Let it be the foundation for your life this year, because we are what we are by the grace of God.

Lamentations 3:22

[22]It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

We read earlier that love fails not, in Corinthians, and here in lamentation, the Bible says his compassion fails not. Love is tender. Love from the womb like the love between a baby in the womb and the mother, is so tender. So the bible says the tender love of God does not fails, he said they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness.

Every day you wake up and you turn and you see another day, it means there’s the lord of love that day.

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