Ultimate Praise (Part 3) By Pst. Femi Leke

Is your heart panting after God to fulfill His will, to do his will? He said they were hypocrites. The word hypocrites means there were actors, they were just acting they were not doing what they were acting. The fact that you acted a movie as a doctor doesn’t make you a doctor. And so that’s the word used here. Hypocrites mean actors demonstrating what they are not. Praising God or singing, or jumping or clapping without a heart for God is a waste of time and so a hypocrite is an actor. He said this people honoured me ………………………”

Do you have a heart? That’s the ultimate place. I heard it from one time father, he said if the way he prepares to address millions is the way he minister to millions and why he will never comes to the presence of God casually. You say to yourself this service is just online service, it’s a Tuesday or Wednesday bible study so it doesn’t matter, oh give me some cup juice there and service is going on you are sipping juice and your mind is another place, you are wasting your time. We need to address ourselves. Never come casually before God and you become a casualty. Whatever you take casual, it become casualty in that field. Don’t ever be careless. God is the king of kings.

God is a great God, don’t you ever play jokes with God. When we are worshiping God, when we lift up our hands, our holy hands and we say lets appreciate God, is your heart there or you are just singing just because you want your pastor to see you that you are not idle. He said these are hypocrites …………….. verse 7 says how be it ………………… when we are holding on to traditions of men at the expense of the instructions of God. Are you kingdom minded because kingdom mindedness is the ultimate of praise and that’s what we are talking about.

You remember we are looking at the wonders of praise that the ultimate of praise is to develop a heart for God. To develop a heartbeat, your heart is panting like that songs says as the deer panted for water so my soul longeth after God. Is your soul longing after God, as you go into the next year the new year, is your soul longing after God, or is your soul longing after money, or is your soul longing after position or is your soul longing after the achievement and ambitions.

Brethren, ambition are a trash without God in it. Life without God is a burden. No matter what you think you might have achieved, without God you are nothing. Matthew 6: 9 Jesus was teaching us how to pray after he was asked by a disciple to teach them how to pray. Jesus said ‘this is the manner or this is how you should pray “our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name’, you walk into his presence casually. Like I said many times during the time when I was hanging around with my daddy, when we have the opportunity to go to the palaces of kings at different days at that time, and I know the protocols, you don’t walk casually to the kings’ palace.

No you don’t even talk to a king sitting down, you stand up when you are talking to the king except he give you the privilege or asked you to sit down, which is very rare. But we are talking about the king of kings here. We are too careless; we are too casual with our God. And we need to wake up and believe that word that came directly from the throne of grace today. Don’t be casual with God so that you will not end up as a casualty. There is danger in familiarity. Thank God for familiarity but when you become so familiar with God or even with his agent to the extent that you don’t get blessed by their lives anymore because proximity does not equals to connectivity.

That you are present does not necessarily equal that you are connected. Being in church does not equal to be in touch. You may be in church regularly, this is the 54th week, some people never miss a single Sunday but were you in touch those Sundays, were you in touch during the week in the mid-week fellowship, were you in touch during the prayer meeting or were you in church just to mark attendance.

This is the word of God for us in this solemn assembly. He want us to think again, ponder about it. Don’t be caught up in the activities. Thank God for Christmas, thank god for new shirt, new cars, new building, new position and everything, don’t let that one blindfold you, don’t let that one deceive you and allow you to be disconnected from the truth. Don’t allow what you are passing through to disconnect you from God. He said hallowed be thy name, he said your kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So Jesus said the most important thing apart from coming to the presence of God is to be kingdom minded, have a heart for the kingdom. That is the ultimate of worship. That is the ultimate of grace. Matthew 6:33 said “but ye seek first the kingdom of God …………….” Seek first the kingdom of God. Be kingdom minded first. Think about the kingdom before any other thing. That is what God is saying to us. The kingdom first. Thank God for good job, thank God for fat salaries, God want us to be greatly blessed so that we can enjoy life and have it in abundance, yes God want us to have abundance but that should not be put or be place above our heart in the service of God for the kingdom.

The ultimate or the proof of your heart for God is in your value system. What value do you place on the kingdom expansion? When last have you ever told somebody Jesus loves you. When last have you spent time praying Jesus, as I’m going to service today let your presence manifest, speak through your servant unto us, oh God we release the angel of God to the city, let there be salvation lord, bring people and let them be convinced of the truth. Are you praying for your service?

Are you praying for the expansion of the kingdom of God? Is your heart panting after God? What do you think about? If there is a device practically that can be plugged to your heart to show what you are thinking about and you try to calibrate it and see in percentage, what percentage of your day or of your time do you spend thinking about the kingdom? That is the test for our heart for God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. The truth is, that has been the plan of God from the foundation of the world. Kingdom mindedness. The expansion of the kingdom is the reason why we are created. Let’s look at it from the foundation, in the book of Genesis 1:6, the bible says “and God said let us make man……………… be fruitful.” They were empowered, they were created to have dominion.

To have dominion means to govern something, to be in charge, to reign and to rule over a particular domain called earth in this reference and God said fill it up. Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowls of the earth and everything that is there. God made it very clear that we are to populate the earth and fill it up. To fill it up means to expand the kingdom. That is his plan. That will never change because God cannot change. God cannot change. The plan of God did not change even after the fall of man. In John 3:16-17, He said “ for God so love the world………………….. might be saved”. Why were the any of them to be saved, they can go and continue their assignment that created to enlarge his kingdom. Even after resurrection, Jesus emphasized it.

In Mathew 28:16-20, he said “then eleven disciples ………………………… and on earth”. We are talking about authority. “Go ye therefore and ………………………. even unto the end of earth”. So the assignment God gave to man in Genesis 1:26-28, the same Jesus was repeating here. Now you are saved, go and do the assignment that was given to man in the Garden of Eden to fill up the earth with the glory of God. So go and teach the people, go and witness to the same, to the unbeliever and bring them in to the kingdom so that the kingdom will expand. Anything that is against the expansion of the kingdom is the mission of the anti-Christ.

The ultimate of worship, the ultimate of your praise, the ultimate of shouting and jumping is to be kingdom minded, is to have a heart for God, for the expansion of his kingdom. Anything contrary is a waste of time, anything contrary is a vision that you put up by yourself and that will never attract the presence of God. God will never be part of that vision, anything that will jeopardize the expansion of the kingdom of God is not from God. In Mark 16:15, “and he said unto them go …………………….” He that believes shall be saved but He that believe not shall be damned. Act 1:8, Jesus said “and ye shall receive power or dunamis ………………..” what are you going to do with that power, to shout, to scream, to go around carrying big bible. Thank God for those but that’s not the ultimate power. The reason for that empowerment is to do the work that was given to the first Adam in the garden, to expand the earth, to fill up and to multiply to the glory of God. So any vision that does not fit into kingdom expansion is a waste of time.

Brethren as you go to the next year, 2023, is going to be a glorious year. God has revealed it again and again. It’s going to be a year where God will be turning us around and around leading to dimension of laughter but brethren I want us to understand that the ultimate of it is for kingdom expansion. Do you have a heart for the kingdom? if you are not in that category, you have not started yet. That is the truth, do you have a heart for God that is evident in your passion for the expansion of the kingdom. In your passion for the expansion of the kingdom of God, in your crave for the expansion of the kingdom of God, every opportunity you get to participate in kingdom expansion project you joke at it, it becomes your heartbeat, you are not coarse because God will never beg you, God will never force you. You are not coerced into doing it, your heart is there. “And you will receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you …………..” Are you a witness for the Lord? That is the question. May we not die as a casual man in the presence of God. He said you shall be my witness………” You see the circle, it started with the Jew and then the gentiles and then the entire world.

Are you spending time praying for the expansion of the kingdom? That is the ultimate of praise. Is your heart panting after it? By now we should be thinking of how much we are going to budget for the kingdom expansion for next year. Thank God for various opportunities that the Lord is opening to his body today especially taking advantage of the media because the media controls the soul of any nation or anybody but whatever you hear is what you become. As we round off today, what are the benefits of praising God?

Remember we are talking about the Ultimate praise. We are created to praise God by serving in the interest of the kingdom. He said those things that the gentiles are running from don’t run after them, they will be added to you naturally. Don’t run after them they will be added to you. Don’t become a slave to things, you are not created to be slaves to things that are suppose to become an addition to you. Seek after the souls of men. Anywhere you are, let it be your number one priority to lead others to Christ even where you are working.

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