Ultimate Praise (Part 1) By Pst. Femi Leke

We started a series since the beginning of the month. We have been looking at the subject that we have captioned “the wonders of Praise”. Today, we are going to be looking at the part IV of it.

Looking at the Ultimate Praise, like we said, it’s not every praise that is acceptable. We started the series looking at the importance or why we have to praise God. Second week, we looked at the enemies of praise because this issue of praise is so important that when we are not doing it, we’re going to be in trouble really. It’s so important and so the enemy knows that the essence of us praising God is to secure divine presence and we are what we are only by God.

No one can have anything except it’s given from above and so if the devil can succeed in separating us from the presence of God, he has succeeded in derailing us from becoming what God has created us to be. In view of this, we will be looking at the enemies of praise and we will be able to identify them and confront them. Thank God for the revelation that we got at that time and last Sunday, we proceeded to look at the right attitude or how to praise God in an acceptable way because it is not every praises that is acceptable unto God. We try to identify those attitude traits that we need to put together that will allow us to give God the kind of praise that is acceptable unto Him, hence, the concluding aspect of it looking at the ultimate praise.

The word of God says in the book of Psalm 8:1-4 ‘oh Lord our God……………….’ Not the name of your father, mother or uncle but the name of the Lord like the bible says in Proverbs 18:10 that “the name of the Lord is a strong tower ………………….”

The bible also says “how excellent is the name of our God”. This psalm was written by David and he was a very good friend of God, very close to God and so he knew what the name of the Lord deliver for him. He said “how excellent is your name in all the earth, who has set their glory above the heavens………………………….”

And so God does not see you as a trash, may be the circumstances of life or the opinion of men has painted you that picture that you are a trash, that’s a lie from the pit of hell because the Bible says that God is mindful of you. When God looks up, down, left, right and every time God’s mind is full of you and I. God, like we said the other time does not think about any other thing apart from you. And that makes every heart to leap for joy because most time is ever ready to deliver your expectations according to His words he thinks only about you.

That’s a glorious news for us and that’s the reason why we cannot and we should not or never come casually into the presence of God. We should always come prepared. He said “and your expectation will not be cut off”. Always come to the presence of God full of expectations.

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