Principal Enemies of Praise By Pst. Femi Leke

1. The Spirit of Pride (James 4:6)
The spirit of pride makes us to disobey the word of God and also makes people to over estimate themselves. Even for the air we breathe in,  we must not be proud enough not to appreciate God for it. Many see this like it’s normal phenomenon and don’t care to appreciate. We know how much a cylinder of air cost in the hospital but many will not think this over. We must equally appreciate God for everything.  Don’t feel too familiar and nonchalant.  You cannot receive anything unless you’re given from heaven; so why are you proud?

2. The Spirit of Enviness ( Philippians 4)
This is by saying that what the Lord has done for us is not enough. This is equally like the spirit of pride.  Spirit of enviness cover itself with religious gluck which they see God is not doing enough for them and need more than anybody and stop many from praising God( Isaiah 51, 61:2-3).

The spirit of enviness paints a gloomy picture of one’s future. It deactivates the capacity of one’s mind to reason their way out. And every witty invention seen is the product of the proper use of the mind and what the spirit of enviness specializes in is to make people look at their future and see no future in their future and so they can’t praise God.

We shouldn’t see God as the source of our challenge but a solution and thank him for that. Despite what befell Job, he still stood on his ground  and praised the lord.(Job 33:19-24).
Spirit of enviness makes someone blind so they won’t see the way out. Job says “all my life I will praise God until my change come”. This really brings down the hand of the lord and there was a
turnaround for him. We need to stand on our ground and tell the spirit of enviness it can never stop us because this is our year of testimony. A year of turnaround. Amen.

3. Spirit of ignorance
This spirit is so dangerous. There’s nothing to celebrate in ignorance. Hosea said ” my people are destroyed because of lack knowledge”. They’re not destroyed because their is no knowledge but
they reject knowledge.
So these are the three main enemies of praise. So take time to praise God. That’s why Jesus said that he has come to give them oil of joy for morning, the garment of praise for the spirit of enviness after then they will be called the oak of righteousness. Job 33:25.  His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s: he shall return to the days of his youth.

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