Confronting The Enemies of Praise! (Introduction) By Pst Femi Leke

There is no genuine lasting success story that is not a product of conscious steps taking toward provoking the hands of God for the manifestation of it because testimonies are not occurrences of
chances nor products of luck.

No testimony in the bible occurred by chance. Most of religious beliefs that portrait waiting and  expecting thing to happen but alas! nothing will happen.
The red sea was separating the people of Israelites from their promise land but if Moses did not do  anything by asking God what to do or what step to take, nothing would have happened.

And the lord told Moses to stretch his rod over the sea. There must always be something to do to provoke the hands of God to action. When there was a need of wine at the wedding (Miracle of Jesus turning water to wine) the mother of Jesus told them to do whatever he ask them to do. Clearly, there must be always something to do.

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