The contents the power in the name of Jesus can deliver by Pst Femi Leke

Jesus told the disciples not to think of kingdom been restored because if the kingdom is to restored without power, the devil will take it back. So, you need God in you and God with you in the dimension of power to do exploit on earth. God in you takes you to heaven while God with you makes you to manifest your sonship here. Without adequate power, it is impossible to manifest your sonship here on earth because the devil will react.


So, when you run into the name of Jesus, you run into it, to be submerged or covered by the rod, so anywhere you go the rod is there. The shepherds are comfortable and move everywhere with the rod. David was with the rod and was able to challenge the lion that want to snatch the sheep from him.


The contents in the name of Jesus or the contents the power in the name of Jesus can deliver are:


Revelation 5:12.

12-Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.


  1. Victory: He is called Jehovah Nissi, God is our victory. Every time you called the name of Jesus, victory is your portion. Exodus 17:15.


  1. Provision: Jehovah Jireh. He is the Provider. When you call the name of Jesus, you are given power to subdue lack and want. There is no friend of Jesus that die as a poor man. Jesus took his first milk in a manger but he took his last milk in mansion. He started little but didn’t end little. Gen 22:8-14.


  1. Guidance: He is called Jehovah Raah, God is our guide or Shepherd. You are not permitted to be misguided. Most of the problems in your life is a product of misdirection, taking wrong steps or decisions. The Lord will direct and guide you. Psalms 23:5.


  1. Healing: He is called Jehovah Rapha, God is our physician or healer. Jesus is the mender of our health. When you run into the name of Jesus, no devil will bring down your health.


  1. Righteousness: He is called Jehovah Tsidkenu, God is our righteousness, the restorer of our dignity. Jesus dies to give us honour, he paid the price for our sins. So, every guilt of sins, disappear from you when you call the name of Jesus.


  1. His Presence: He is called Jehovah Shammah. God is ever presence.


  1. Peace: He is called Jehovah Shalom, God is our peace. The major problem of people is that the lack peace, when you call the name of Jesus, you have peace like a river.


Power is not religiosity but reality. Engage the name of the name of Jesus, take responsibility.



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