The Essence of Divine Direction to The Believers (Part A) By Pst. Femi Leke

You are not qualified to lead yourself, don’t waste your life, especially this time that gross darkness has covered the earth. There is evil everywhere but the covenant of exemption is upon you, but for this to happen, you have to know how to connect to it. The information that will tell you how to connect to it, is very important. Nothing can replace knowledge or information, there is no substitute for light. When the bible says “that gross darkness will cover the earth”, then what is the solution to darkness? The solution is light.


So, divine direction is discovering the commandment of God and working with it because when you work with the commandments of God, no demons can stop you. No demons of famine could stop Isaac’s prosperity, when he complied with divine instruction by planting in the same land where five nations failed, but Isaac prospered. The same land where Laban reduced Jacob’s salary, Jacob ended bigger than his master by the leading of God. God chose David as king among his siblings because he walked with light. He wrote 75 percent of the book of Psalms through revelation. Revelation is ever the cure for frustration.


Divine direction is very important, no man will outgrow it, no man will grow enough to become God’s counselor, you will forever need it. There are many words of God that traditions of men or popular opinion of men is against, this does not mean man is correct. That one idea is popular does not mean that the idea is from God. Their ideas cannot withstand the truth, so you must know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


Some people says that believers should not partake in leadership, this is falsehood because the scripture says, “you are the head and not the tail”. Also “you are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth”, salt does not only add to the taste of something but also preserve it. Believers are being deceived to sit down in a corner and we limit our Christianity to the four walls of the church. You get to work, you hide your bible? Let them know where you stand, let them know that their deeds is not accepted in the kingdom you belong to. If you do not know the truth, you will be manipulated. We should take our position in leadership, when we are not there as Christians, wrong decisions that will affect our faith will be taken.

The devil knows that if he can get the leadership in any institution, he is in control, because Jesus said, if a blind man leads a blind man, they will end up in ditch. No system can ever outgrow the capacity of the leadership in place. The bible recommended Jesus as a king, a king is an administrator, so take your place in leadership as a believer, exercise your right and vote.


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