The Mysteries of The Blessing of The Lord – Pastor Femi Leke

The BLESSING, and not blessings, of the Lord is a mystery worth connecting with. Adore the word that it marks your mindset; that it is real to you that you don’t have to think about it because it becomes natural. Your mind must grasp it to the extent that when you wake up and hear the word “blessing,” you jump up. Suppose you’re familiar with Jewish culture. In that case, there are some words that, when they pronounce, they assume a special sitting or standing position just to be able to turn their minds or to educate their mind about that word needing to be done in a particular manner.


For example, the word “Hallelujah” is “hallel,” a Jewish prayer that means “You Jehovah madly praise Jehovah madly.” When a madman is doing something, he doesn’t care who is listening next to him. So, when you say the word Hallelujah, it’s not just to make people give you attention; it is to tell you that you will praise Jehovah madly. And so, the word blessing is real.


Therefore, talking about the blessing of the Lord, we were created to be blessed. Without the blessing, it will be absolutely impossible to fulfill your destiny. No bishop, pastor, deacon, president, or king can ever make you fulfill destiny without the blessing of the Lord. Every attempt of the world or humanity to fulfill God’s plan without the blessing is bringing problems right now. The more they try, the more they will fail. People want the blessing, but they don’t want the blesser. They don’t want to have anything to do with the blesser. They want good things.


Brethren, don’t be in that category, and I pray that you will never miss out on the blessing of the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


The blessing is designed to make you multiply, increase, and replenish the earth. This is the work it was designed to do, and that’s what it will always do. This means that everywhere you see the blessing, you will see multiplication, increase, and good things without sorrow being attached to it.


Can you live in the river and be thirsty? Is it possible? As seeds of Abraham, it’s an abuse of redemption for you to be begging. You should be stirred up, wake up and run after the blessing, as a popular song says about Abraham’s blessing. What’s Abraham’s blessing?


Meanwhile, consider the nature of Abraham, a single man who rose to fight against a nation — a terrorist nation that conquered four nations and forced them to serve them for 12 years. In the 13th year, they rebelled. In the 14th year, they went back to capture them, and a man rose to conquer those five nations. The Bible said he put together 318 servants born in his house.


Knowledge is in levels; there are things that, when you know, it automatically neutralizes any pressure in your life. That’s why the main ministry of the devil is mind-blinding ministry. Many people are being milked. The devil is milking many nations through ignorance. So, when the Bible talks about Abraham empowering 318 people to go and conquer a nation, somebody will say, is it possible for a man?


Brethren, the blessing can make it possible. If unbelievers are employing ten thousand people, why can’t the one carrying the kind of blessing of Abraham employ a hundred thousand? But you can never live farther than you can see or ahead of more than what your eye can see. Hence, it becomes crucial to connect to the blessing of the Lord.


Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”


No toiling! Zero toiling is possible. Zero toiling life and destiny is possible. You don’t have to be weeping and mourning just to show that you are religious. The devil has succeeded in making people cry at the slightest mishap. And that’s why we need to renew our minds.


Altogether looking at Abraham’s life, what did the blessing do in his life? A man at 75 didn’t even have his own apartment, but when the blessing came, everything turned. Sarah was childless, weak, old, and hopeless, but when the blessing came, the Bible said in Romans that she received the strength to conceive. The power of the Most High came upon her and neutralized the effect of the spirit of bareness because the main function of the blessing is to multiply. Everywhere you do not see multiplication and increase, check it.


Look, you are not supposed to be where you were last year by divine design. You should not have a better yesterday. Let it become a conscious thing in your memory!


As you encounter the blessing, starting now, I see a new you emerging in the mighty name of Jesus. Stay blessed!



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